Stop the Harlem Shake

Stop the Harlem Shake

Nate Sanchez Senior Staff Writer From the nation that fell like a sap for Gangnam Style comes the latest dance craze that’s sweeping the Internet: the Harlem Shake. Americans live from stupid dance craze to stupid dance craze just like Arsenio Hall lives from paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully we can now look into society’s rearview … Continue reading


Parents and students get tools for academic planning at College: Making it Happen!

Yenny Nolasco Staff Writer On Saturday, March 9, the Southern San Joaquin Valley Cal-SOAP (Student Opportunity Access Program) presented “College: Making it Happen! Educational Forum” at the Icardo Center. The annual event is a program designed to communicate to families, community leaders, and school educators the importance of early academic and financial planning. The program … Continue reading